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Top 3 Engine Problems You Should Not Ignore

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There’s the things that go bump in your engine that seem fixed by turning up the volume on your radio. Then, there’s the ones that are big red flags that shouldn’t be ignored.

Let’s start by saying, any change in your engine or how your car behaves shouldn’t be ignored. It can lead to bigger and more expensive problems, as well as put your safety at risk.

While you should already have an auto repair shop you work with in order to get honest feedback, it’s still a good idea to know some of this on your own, ahead of time.

Common Problems You’re More Likely to Encounter

It would be great if cars never suffered mechanical problems. Aside from saving money, it would be less hassle and stress.

However, at some point, auto repair is inevitable and here are the three most common issues you’re likely to face:

  • Overheating is commonly caused by low coolant. Sometimes, it’s a leak that cause that low coolant level and that needs to be addressed. Whatever the cause may be, from a broken engine thermostat to clogged hoses, it needs to be addressed. Allowing the engine to repeatedly overheat can lead to severe engine damage.
  • We joked earlier about tuning out engine noises by drowning them out with the car stereo. Unfortunately, people do commonly ignore engine noises and then end up with serious problems. Vibrations, squealing, and knocking are examples of something that could be a sign of a big problem. However, any sound that indicates something has changed, is something worth having looked at.
  • Stalling is a serious problem because it puts your safety at risk, as well as the well-being of other drivers. A vehicle that stops dead in the road can mean a number of things, such as spark plugs, fuel line, or fuel filter. Whatever the case may be, if your care stalls even once, let a professional look before it becomes a problem.

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